Remembering Myself, Travestying Time…and Phonying towards Perfection



Monsoon Sights 001


From Shreyas Folk Museum premises, Ahmedabad. Edited for effects.

The peacock (look closer if you haven’t spotted him in the photo) seemed to love posing for the cameras. I wished I had a better camera to capture the serene majesty of the bird atop the brightly flowered tree. But I had to make do with an 8mp mobile camera and a photo editor.


Vintage Summer


Edited. I have a quarrel against yellow for some reason, yet I couldn’t resist admiring the yellow flowers that hung like tresses on the sparsely green tree against a clear blue sky. The original photo didn’t capture that beauty, but looked like a screaming yellow twig of a tree.  I have edited all those colours out, so I’ll leave it to your imagination how it might have looked like.



From Prarthana Bhoomi, Sabarmati ashram, Ahmedabad.

I realize I keep clicking pictures of trees and odd branches all the time. Trees seem to me the most photogenic and aesthetic of subjects. They look unique and turned out in surprising ways without conscious effort or deliberate beautification.

Cityscape 001


This view is from the Tibetan sweater market, Vadodara. The tree caught between the rush and city noise seemed to mirror how I felt, an unspeakable soledad and detachment. However, the immobility of the tree struck me as even more saddening.


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