Sketch – 053


Pen on A6 paper.


Sketch – 052


Film actor and classical dancer Shobhana. Done with 8B, 7B, 6B, 4B, HB graphite pencils and a spot of black ink on Bustro A4 paper. Took around 6 hours to finish.

Sketch – 049

Presents me main man, the Sausage King of Chicago, Mr Abe Froman aka school truant, the one-and-only Ferris Bueller. Respek! as Ali G would say.


Materials used: Charcoal, 8B/7B graphite, paper stump, cotton ball

Time: 2 hrs

I thought of stopping at this stage (below), but then, I had a pathological urge for closure, and therefore, had to fill in the blanks.


Sketch – 047


A very roughly and rapidly executed sketch. Took me around an hour or so. The paper is ordinary printing paper, and I realized it takes more effort to sketch on them rather than on toothed paper. On the plus side, nothing can go wrong as long as you are in control of your pencils and charcoal sticks. Things are predictable, and if the sketch is not good, the problem is with the craft, not the paper.