Remembering Myself, Travestying Time…and Phonying towards Perfection


short story

“I watched these men go to and fro”

I watched these men go to and fro, always the same faces, the same movements, often it seemed to me there was only the same man.

Franz Kafka. “A Report to an Academy.”


“Her objection to me…is a fundamental one”

Her objection to me, as I am now aware, is a fundamental one; nothing can remove it, not even the removal of myself; if she heard that I had committed suicide she would fall into transports of rage.

Franz Kafka. “A Little Woman.”

“No, freedom was not what I wanted”

No, freedom was not what I wanted. Only a way out; right or left, or in any direction; I made no other demand; even should the way out prove to be an illusion; the demand was a small one, the disappointment could be no bigger. To get out somewhere, to get out! Only not to stay motionless with raised arms, crushed against a wooden wall.

“A Report to an Academy.” Franz KAFKA.

“The tension of waiting for human approach”

The tension of waiting for human approach was cruel. He did not want to be approached. He did not want to hear voices. He was shocked by the sound of his own voice, if he inadvertently spoke to his cat. He rebuked himself for having broken the great silence.

“The Man Who Loved Islands”. D H LAWRENCE.

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