Remembering Myself, Travestying Time…and Phonying towards Perfection




sadness like a silver snake

swimming through the sickly

scent of summer


A Haiku – by Buson

On the temple bell

perching and sleeping—

a butterfly

—BUSON, Yosa

Ode to Life

The sadness of the days
Stretched out to all eternity
Striving, calculating, fizzled out days
That carve out your flesh in slow indeterminate years
And crush your bones with the weight of the earth, others’ feet, others’ strivings

A Haiku – by Onitsura

The trout leaps up—

and below him in a stream

clouds float by

—ONITSURA, Uejima (1661-1738)

A Haiku – by Kyoshi

The snake flees—

but the eyes that peered at me

remain in the weeds

—KYOSHI, Takahama

A Haiku – by Chigetsu

A grasshopper

chirps in the sleeve

of the scarecrow

—CHIGETSU, Kawai (1634-1718)

A Haiku – by Issa

Don’t cry, wild geese,

it’s the same everywhere—

this floating world

—ISSA, Kobayashi

Family Time

the night closes in with the wail
of crickets, the rhapsody
of television cheer
and plugs in the world with black
while the windows flicker
at the shrieks of silence

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In a dream, flowers grew in the sky –
Violets scattered over a blue meadow
Cotton clouds leap over them
Trampling the dew struck glaze of red petals
Devouring the white unicorn
and the benevolent face
Like a sponge sucks in wetness.

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