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O Menino E O Mundo(2013) – A Musical Bildungsroman

the_boy_and_the_world_-_p_-_2014.jpg_0Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo, 2013) directed by Brazilian animator Alê Abreu tells the bittersweet story of a little boy who goes in search of his missing father from the idyllic village of naive, simplistic childhood to bustling towns of growth, progress and knowledge. The music elevates the whole narrative to a whole new level, with its instrumental and folk touches.  The drawings are mostly minimalist, created so as to look like a child’s drawings splattered with a wild but intelligent sense of colour. Continue reading “O Menino E O Mundo(2013) – A Musical Bildungsroman”


WORLD- The 10 Video Songs Playlist

As a matter of principle, I dislike songs that are painfully slow or lyrically meaningful.

A song, in my opinion, should be ambiguous, tuneful, bizarre in an endearing way, and preferably in a foreign language so that the narrowly meaningful lyrics does not hamper the enjoyment of the song.

Here’s a compilation of my current favourites in no particular order:

1. Stromae, Tous Les Mêmes 

The best thing about the song is it rapidity — of visuals, movements, beats.

Continue reading “WORLD- The 10 Video Songs Playlist”

“What happens with sassy music”

What happens with sassy music is you get floated away from yourself, then snap back to reality too hard. I hate that. The only antidote is to just stay depressed.

Vernon God Little. DBC Pierre.

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