Remembering Myself, Travestying Time…and Phonying towards Perfection



Lord of the Mountains

Back and front views of the 12 ft tall Shiva idol near Baba Mandir in Sikkim. The whiteness of the material, exactly fibre glass, stands out against the dark mountainous shadows. The height at which is placed, exactly 30,000 ft above sea level, adds to the majesty and beauty of the idol. I was drawn towards it despite board warnings that the path was unsafe. Most of the people visiting the Baba Harbhajan shrine (dedicated to a martyred soldier) were similarly mesmerized by the sight of the white shiva figure couched in the lap of the mountain adjoining the Namnang Chho waterfall.



vadi kollam-001

At Vadi beach.

Beach-side Hues

vadi market kollam

From Vadi, Kollam.

The overcast sky above and the blast of colours in the beach area below seemed to me quaintly paradoxical. There was some lyricism about the entire setting, a kind of quaintness (I already said that), tranquil contentment.



A view from a train. A chapped, sun-dried terrain, yet amidst the rock bed of some non-existent river, the promising black-blue depths of water  …

(As a rule, I never use ellipses. However my poetry here, in case you didn’t notice, has surprised me so much, I must make an exception.)



This photo looks disturbing to me, perhaps because there are so many unanswered, incomplete problemos in it, such as the headless tree on the left, what looks like a tree that has buried its head or tail(?) in the sand, a tree bending over to peer into the water, and — well, that’s about it.

Taken from the Baroda Zoo, Sayajibaug.



This shot was taken during a train journey.

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