Remembering Myself, Travestying Time…and Phonying towards Perfection



Haiku Parodies

The cherry blossom

Tumbles from the highest tree

One needs more petrol.


Late frost burns the bloom

Would a fool not let the belt

Restrain the body?

(Automated voice warnings from Newton’s badly damaged car, Dick Turpin)

Good Omens (1990). Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.


A Haiku – by Buson

On the temple bell

perching and sleeping—

a butterfly

—BUSON, Yosa

A Haiku – by Onitsura

The trout leaps up—

and below him in a stream

clouds float by

—ONITSURA, Uejima (1661-1738)

A Haiku – by Kyoshi

The snake flees—

but the eyes that peered at me

remain in the weeds

—KYOSHI, Takahama

A Haiku – by Chigetsu

A grasshopper

chirps in the sleeve

of the scarecrow

—CHIGETSU, Kawai (1634-1718)

A Haiku – by Issa

Don’t cry, wild geese,

it’s the same everywhere—

this floating world

—ISSA, Kobayashi

A Haiku – by Issa

Seeing that I’m old

even the mosquito whispers

closer to my ear

— Kobayashi ISSA

“Haiku 01- Basho”

The winter storm
hides in the bamboo
and becomes silent


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