Remembering Myself, Travestying Time…and Phonying towards Perfection




I used graphite, charcoal, and water for doing this sketch.


Singularly Positive

Maybe flowers do grow in the sky

And everything else on earth

Maybe we see merely their reflection

Maybe it’s a curious magic.

Then maybe all that we do to them

Down here on the earth

Do not harm THEM up there

The flowers we plucked

Maybe are still alive up there

And the lives we killed

And the land we distorted

And the water we painted black

And the trees we tamed

Are still up there, alive, intact.

Maybe we are lonely down here

With nothing but humans

And mirror illusions

Maybe the crimes we did

Weren’t crimes at all.

Maybe, maybe we were fooled

Maybe we are savage apparitions

Trapped between mirrors


In forgotten, unmapped space.

Maybe we are lost.

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