Remembering Myself, Travestying Time…and Phonying towards Perfection



Sketch – 054

Charcoal and graphite on A4 bond lined paper.

Original Source: Facebook


Sketch – 053


Pen on A6 paper.

Sketch – 052


Film actor and classical dancer Shobhana. Done with 8B, 7B, 6B, 4B, HB graphite pencils and a spot of black ink on Bustro A4 paper. Took around 6 hours to finish.

Sketch – 050


Aghori smoking chilam. Think I finally got the smoke right!

Time taken: 6 hrs 45 min
Paper: A3 GSM 200 Bustro
Materials used: Charcoal, eraser, felt tip pen, cotton ball, paper stump, putty eraser
Original Photo source: Unknown, Facebook feed

Sketch – 049

Presents me main man, the Sausage King of Chicago, Mr Abe Froman aka school truant, the one-and-only Ferris Bueller. Respek! as Ali G would say.


Materials used: Charcoal, 8B/7B graphite, paper stump, cotton ball

Time: 2 hrs

I thought of stopping at this stage (below), but then, I had a pathological urge for closure, and therefore, had to fill in the blanks.


Sketch – 048

Sketch 48.jpg

Materials used: Charcoal, water, cotton, paper stump on Brustro A3 200 gsm paper

Source: Jorris Martinez photography

Sketch – 046


I loved drawing this, and I began with random charcoal marks along the outline. Do you think the child looks angry or sad? I think she’s indignant and furious, probably at her parents. With a slight expression of having been let down in her expectations.

Source Photograph: Rakesh JV

Sketch – 045


Materials used: charcoal, 8B graphite, tissue paper, red colour pencil, red sketch, kneaded eraser, eraser

Sketch – 044


Materials used: Charcoal, 8B graphite, eraser, paper stump

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