Remembering Myself, Travestying Time…and Phonying towards Perfection



Sketch – 054

Charcoal and graphite on A4 bond lined paper.

Original Source: Facebook


Quote #92

Rousseau_I would have refused to educate him if I were not free to marry him according to his own choice, which is mine.

Émile. Rousseau.

IT (2017): Friendship versus Bullies

Spoiler Alert! Tedium Alert!

A story about “divided we fall but united we stand”. Also a story so transparent that real parental fears of solitary children wandering off to their doom are approbated by the children in the film themselves realizing that those fears are really valid (“This is what it wants,” says Beverley, “It wants to divide us.”).

The clown is supposed to be cute and at the same time dreadful, according to the director’s remark in Wikipedia. Well apart from the fact that the low angle shots emphazize his gigantism in the pov of the children, he seems fairly okay. The teeth thing was awesome though. Is this a film for children? If it is, it must be pretty scary for them. Because it addresses real childhood fears like bullies, bullies and bullies.

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On Rousseau’s ÉMILE, or the Making of a Real Man

emile rousseau.jpgYou cannot help but pity poor Émile, condemned for no reason to a life of solitude and friendlessness, except for a grown-up pervert (read tutor) who is both know-it-all, comprehensive guide book and highly-evolved CCTV camera, and who is bent on making a junior double of himself out of Émile. From a little after infancy, Émile is literally surrounded, saturated, and manipulated by the sole presence of the sly tutor-master who claims to be Émile’s friend and equal. The child is like clay that can be worked into anything; and as far as clay is concerned, it is not hard to read. For fear of misleading him, Émile is not taught religion, morals, fables, stories of any kind, nor allowed to engage in solitary excursions, chit-chat, gossip, play with peers, chill time with the ladies, and in short, Continue reading “On Rousseau’s ÉMILE, or the Making of a Real Man”

Sketch – 048

Sketch 48.jpg

Materials used: Charcoal, water, cotton, paper stump on Brustro A3 200 gsm paper

Source: Jorris Martinez photography

Sketch – 046


I loved drawing this, and I began with random charcoal marks along the outline. Do you think the child looks angry or sad? I think she’s indignant and furious, probably at her parents. With a slight expression of having been let down in her expectations.

Source Photograph: Rakesh JV

Sketch – 043


Materials used: Charcoal, 8B pencil, eraser, paper stump, water


This baby portrait is actually drawn in graphite on white paper, but I took a sepia shot of it because it looks a lot more alive in warm brown rather than black and white.

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