Remembering Myself, Travestying Time…and Phonying towards Perfection



Expecting Familiar Humans

My first snapshot of an animate being other than trees, trees, and trees. This dog is a crazily cheerful stray, never takes offense, follows random people around for no reason, and has a permanently lopsided ear.


Veins of the Sky


The branches of a leafless tree near Namnang Chho Waterfalls, Sikkim. Yes, trees again! I just realized I don’t click photos of animate things. Only buildings and trees — a poor range of subjects, I guess. Need to branch out more…there, I did it again! branch out?

Mausoleum for the Past

Museum of Baroda_Sayajibaug.jpg

Photo taken at Sayajibaug, Vadodara on 8mp mobile camera. This is the side view of the famous Baroda Museum that houses, among other common museum stuff which makes you act like a hypocritical antiques connoisseur, a skeleton of a blue whale and an Egyptian mummy (called fondly as the Baroda Mummy). Edited for effects.

Travelling Lines

Howrah station.jpg

Evening at Howrah Railway Station, West Bengal. Unedited cell phone camera image.

Lord of the Mountains

Back and front views of the 12 ft tall Shiva idol near Baba Mandir in Sikkim. The whiteness of the material, exactly fibre glass, stands out against the dark mountainous shadows. The height at which is placed, exactly 30,000 ft above sea level, adds to the majesty and beauty of the idol. I was drawn towards it despite board warnings that the path was unsafe. Most of the people visiting the Baba Harbhajan shrine (dedicated to a martyred soldier) were similarly mesmerized by the sight of the white shiva figure couched in the lap of the mountain adjoining the Namnang Chho waterfall.


vadi kollam-001

At Vadi beach.

Beach-side Hues

vadi market kollam

From Vadi, Kollam.

The overcast sky above and the blast of colours in the beach area below seemed to me quaintly paradoxical. There was some lyricism about the entire setting, a kind of quaintness (I already said that), tranquil contentment.

Monsoon Sights 001


From Shreyas Folk Museum premises, Ahmedabad. Edited for effects.

The peacock (look closer if you haven’t spotted him in the photo) seemed to love posing for the cameras. I wished I had a better camera to capture the serene majesty of the bird atop the brightly flowered tree. But I had to make do with an 8mp mobile camera and a photo editor.

Vintage Summer


Edited. I have a quarrel against yellow for some reason, yet I couldn’t resist admiring the yellow flowers that hung like tresses on the sparsely green tree against a clear blue sky. The original photo didn’t capture that beauty, but looked like a screaming yellow twig of a tree.  I have edited all those colours out, so I’ll leave it to your imagination how it might have looked like.

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