Top 26 Animated Short Films

1.  The Old Man and the Sea (1999, Aleksandr Petrov)

For its extraordinarily beautiful visuals (ink-on-glass).

2.  Alma (2009, Rodrigo Blaas)

This film can be seen as a dark allegorical take on the workings of human society. On how society invades the rights of the individual who has to pawn his soul to the system to gain conformation, and that too, against his will. On how the adult world and the child’s world contradict each other through their opposing value systems.

For my review of the film, see “The Suppression of Curiosity and of the Individual in Alma”.


3.  Partly Cloudy (2009, Peter Sohn)

Warm, humorously appealing take on the stork-delivering-the-babies story.


4.  El Vendedor de Humo (The Smoke Seller, 2012, Jaime Maestro)

Clever, ironic and well-made, this film seems to me a critique of the entire economic-political system. The solid, ‘tangible’ product, i.e. money ends up with the seller while the buyers are duped by colourful smoke and transient luxuries, blah blah. Quite subtle.


5.  The Forest (2010, David Scharf)

A rather sad and cynical take on modern life, consumerism, catechistic education, and the lack of spiritual consolation in social life.


6.  The Critic (1963, Ernest Pintoff)


7.  Zero (2010, Christopher Kezelos)

Stop motion animation critiquing the dehumanizing of individuals based on external markers and presuppositions, etc.


8.  El Empleo (The Employment, 2008, Santiago Grasso, 7 min)


9.  Balance (1989, Christoph Lauenstein and Wolfgang Lauenstein)

A comment on human greed, and the harmony of the social-spatial sphere which is at odds with human ambition.

10.  Geri’s Game (1997, Jan Pinkava)

Humorous and sad at the same time, it shows an old man engaged in a game of chess. (6 min)


11.  Peter & the Wolf (2006, Suzie Templeton)

Poignant puppet animation  (32 min) with its engaging plot and depiction of the curiously different world of an empathetic child. The close-up shots of the eyes are stunning in their intensity. A whole torrent of emotion is betrayed in the eyes of both the child and the wolf.

The video seems to have been removed from YouTube and Vimeo on copyright grounds. See the trailer in vimeo:


12.  The Lady and the Reaper (2009, Javier Recio Gracia, 8 min)


13.  Skhizein (2008, Jérémy Clapin, 13 min)

14.  Bad Egg (2005, Vikram Veturi)

Despairing story with its almost too-vindictive twist at the end. (4 min)


15.  Vincent (1982, Tim Burton)

The darkly sinister and incongruous visuals along with the adult’s voice-over are hilarious.It was also a tad reminiscent of my own darkly ambitious childhood dreams.


16.  Premier Automne (First Fall, 2013, Aude Danset, Carlos de Carvalho)


17.  The Fly (1981, Ferenc Rófusz)

Good animation, seeing the world from the (human-like) eyes of a fly. (3 min)


18.  My Love (2006, Aleksandr Petrov)

Ink-on-glass animation from the animator of Old Man and the Sea.


19.  Paperman (2012, John Kahrs)


20.  Bob’s Birthday (1994, David Fine and Alison Snowden)

A little saddening, this is a cruelly cynical story of a middle-aged man, whose surprise b’day party goes awry.


21.  The Missing Scarf (2013, Eoin Duffy)


22.  French Roast (2008, Fabrice Joubert)


23.  Munro (1961, Gene Deitch)


24.  Even Pigeons Go to Heaven (2007, Samuel Tourneux)


25.  Lavatory Lovestory (2007, Konstantin Bronzit)

Feel-good animation with a happy ending, telling the story of a woman working in a lavatory.


26.  Girls’ Night Out (1986, Joanna Quinn)

With crude and vulgar drawings, this film is a realistic take on a middle-aged woman’s day of frolick with friends at a bar where a male stripper becomes the voyeuristic object of the audience’s gaze.


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