THE ORANGES (2011): Girl takes it out on parents by wrecking the neighbour’s marriage, apparently “for the best”


(Spoiler only in the title, kindly ignore it)

The movie (directed by Julian Farino) looked almost promising till the middle, but at some point the director seemed to have sidelined into dealing with greater and deeper issues like destiny, purpose of life, the instability of institutions and relationships, complicated personalities, and blah. It is not that the issues are in themselves overworked, this movie could have been a lot simpler and happier without all the pretense.

The narrator is a girl called Vanessa and it is from her perspective that we embark into the story. She seems to think she is important enough, but nobody in the movie thinks so. I was under the impression that this is her story and her fortunes would undergo a sudden and radical turn for the best and she would be liberated from her gloomy opinion of herself. However, the story took leaps and bounds in the direction of every other character, except Vanessa, whom nobody seemed to notice. After a while, I stopped caring. You realize gradually that even if she was not there, the movie would have gone on just as it does now.

The dad’s remark towards the end of the movie that his daughter was the most important (or is it ‘best’) thing in his life sounds cocky and ironic. Much of the dialogues appear empty and clichéd, the characters of Nina’s parents, Vanessa and her babe-in-the-woods older brother, and Nina’s boyfriend, Ethan are ridiculous and unimportant, sometimes they appear cumbersome and pathetic.

CLOWNIN’ Score: 2/5

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