BIG HERO 6 (2014): On the Un”health”iness of Revenge


(Spoilers galore!)

A 14-year old genius, Hero (Hiro) takes revenge for his brother’s martyrdom-cum-murder. He is helped by his brother’s nerdy and eccentric friends and a health-care robot, Baymax. Perhaps, I am mistaken, but Japanese anime and Disney’s ordinary brew seems to have been unappealingly mixed up; the characters have Japanese names, but look American, the place is San Fransokyo in a future era.

There is a lot of ‘butt’fights (bot-fights, the future of boxing), car chases, super gadgets, financial no-concerns even though the protagonist is an orphan (inevitably, he has a rich friend), flying, and more flying, narrow  escapes, destruction and vain attempts at humour, primarily by Baymax’s Sheldonic* health tips and comments and Totoro-ish build. The subplot deals with the greed versus ethics theme.

The surprising thing is the scene of mourning where everybody is in black. Death and grieving, normally so out-of-place and convenient in Disney, looked unfamiliar but real (it needed a futuristic setting for realism). Another offbeat design is the pro-health message (those who do health care are equally superheroes), despite the violence and high speeding (“Always buckle up!”).

The final message: Revenge is no good. You lose what you lose, you can merely hold on to memories and souvenirs, in this particular case, robots. Death is real.

CLOWNIN’ Score: 3/5

* of the Big Bang Theory TV series, NOT the author.


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