Lights, glare, colours, so blurring and vivid

The speed of life, Time’s monotonous game

Dolls’ houses, fancy shops, and worn-down houses hid

all so unique, yet so very same.

Men and women, like clockwork dolls,

with purposeful, determined, unhappy faces

insulated from the others by invisible walls

too afraid of leaving traces.

Long never-ending queues of cars

like a many-legged worm surging forward by parts

filling up spaces no matter how sparse

The red heat, sweat, B.P. – the traffic jam a farce.

It’s six o’clock and we come home

Lock the gate—shut the door—

Lock up everything as before a storm

We’ve had enough of the world, oh yes, no more.

Huge skeletons that we see today

Tomorrow changed to sky-scraping malls

What is it we don’t give, they say

“Buy a Swiss soup bowl and get for FREE!! two beach balls”

The deafening sounds of engines and shutting of doors

Of music, dark, metallic and rock

The haunting green coolness of lost village lores

The terror of living, like shadows, they mock—


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